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A Voice For The Community


North Carolina is home. Growing up we all were taught you take care of home. There are roughly ​1,442,736 students who deserve access to an equitable educational system. I believe that in order to advance our K-12 education in North Carolina we must provide all students and families with access to high-quality early childhood centers with equitable teacher pay within those facilities and fair funding that ensures all students regardless of their zip code can find safety in public schools.


As community members, it is our desire to ensure that the North Carolina laws reflect the reality of our lives and speak for those who feel their voice has been silenced. It is my passion to advocate for democracy to not just live in the state of North Carolina but thrive. In order for our state to discontinue the experience of oppression through voter suppression laws we must create solutions and vote for solutions that make it easier for our communities to exercise their constitutional right to vote. 
Blue Print


District 59 consists of non-entitlement units (NEUs) that received American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds to withstand the turbulence over the course of the pandemic. The greatest concern from community leaders is centered around sustainable investments and public safety as this all ties into the progression of our economic developments (infrastructure, water and sewage, and community health). The success that has been made within these areas deserves the fight of continuation in the future which means the appropriate funding is necessary for us to grow together.




I never knew that I could find joy in such a scary position. Becoming a mother has been rewarding and challenging. One of the main challenges we faced was having to choose between working and taking care of my newborn. I believe that mothers should have access to affordable care, and statewide education to help cultivate a solution to the rising mortality rate of women of color during childbirth.  Additionally, we cannot address Maternal Rights without mentioning Women's Rights and our ability to have body autonomy. 
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