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Meet The Candidate

Hi, I'm Tanneshia



I have the honor of being a wife, mother, educator, and advocate! I love the many roles I play however, being an advocate for access and opportunity for all is near and dear to my heart. I was born and raised in Decatur, Georgia where I attended Southwest DeKalb High School. After receiving my diploma I set out to impact past what my eyes could ever have seen. I transitioned to Greensboro, North Carolina in 2012 to attend Greensboro College.


Becoming an advocate was birthed during this time of my life. Having personal disparities with the cost of school pushed me to become the voice of those who face life challenges and disparities in silence. In 2016, I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education (K-6). After graduation, I became a wife and a mom which caused me to begin my adult life in Greensboro and call it home. By calling Greensboro home I began to take ownership of putting my thoughts into action. I became an advocate to represent those my family, friends, and neighbors needed in our childhood.


After graduating from Greensboro College I began my career with Guilford County Schools as a 4th and 5th Grade Teacher. In 2018, I sought to learn more about school leadership and the impacts that stakeholders in the community experience through educational shifts. Through my curiosity, I enrolled at North Carolina A&T State University to earn a Master's in School Administration. This opportunity unlocked doors for me to advocate for students and their communities in Danville, Virginia as a 5th-grade Math and Science teacher; Alamance- Burlington School System as a Behavior Coach/ Regional Teaching and Learning Coach; and Guilford County as an Assistant Principal. 

Throughout my career in education, I noticed so many inequitable circumstances. Having a front-row seat pushed me to look into policies and practices within the community that can keep us stagnant as a county, state, and nation. I truly believe that we need leaders who work to create change and not just hold the title. We need leaders who have a clear stance on topics and are the voice of the community members we serve not political agendas. 

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